The Spark

the Voice of
The Communist League of Revolutionary Workers–Internationalist

“The emancipation of the working class will only be achieved by the working class itself.”
— Karl Marx

Mary Anne Hering:
Vital That Working Class Party Is on the Ballot

Oct 26, 2020

.... We are told, we have the right to vote. But what does it matter if we don’t have someone who speaks for us, who addresses the real problems the laboring population faces? We are told, vote as if your life depends on it. But what does it mean when the only choice is between two big parties, both of whom, at the end of the day, defend this very system that rests on the exploitation of labor? What have these two parties brought us?

.... Both parties carried out huge cutbacks on the public health system. And we need to say that—to tell the truth about this health care system—that it is based on profit, and is responsible for the huge toll that the coronavirus has taken on the population and disproportionately on working people.

Today, the working class is caught in a severe economic crisis, where tens of millions are unemployed, and there are more to come. This crisis is related to how both parties in this government have served a wealthy class that has received billions in subsidies, gifts to big corporations and big banks, financial and real estate speculators. And we need to say that.

We live in a deeply racist system, one that since its beginning, was built on slavery.... Almost every political administration, no matter Democrat or Republican, has continued to reinforce this system, including passing all those repressive laws which created the pipeline to prison, and which have been enforced unequally. And we need to say that.

For decades both of these parties have starved our children’s schools, starved roads and bridges, starved workers’ neighborhoods, starved public transit, for money. For decades, the wealthy have increased their stash, accumulating what the two big parties squeezed from us in taxes. And we need to say that.

Workers are essential. Workers do make everything run and know how everything works. We are the only ones who are saying this. Our program says working people have the power, when we stand together as one class, ready to fight. The only way forward for the working class to defend itself, is to make a fight.

When you vote for Working Class Party, you’re voting for those ideas. You’re not voting for one or two people to get into office. You’re voting to show that there are people who agree that the working class has the power, when it is organized, to solve the problems we face, and that it can build a decent society for everyone.

It’s not only important that Working Class Party is on the ballot in Michigan, it is also vital that Working Class Party stays on the ballot. The vote that will keep us on the ballot is for our candidates for State Board of Education.... Let everyone know, wherever they are in Michigan, they can vote for Hali McEachern and Mary Anne Hering for the State Board of Education.