The Spark

“The emancipation of the working class will only be achieved by the working class itself.” — Karl Marx

Political Issues

From the archives.

Natural Disasters, Global Warming, and the Destruction of the Environment ... for Profit

Hurricane Katrina: A Natural Force Turned into a Human Catastrophe by a System Based on ProfitSep 19, 2005

Revolutionaries and the Fight for Legal Abortion

Abortion and Women’s Rights Under AttackAug 31, 1992

Revolutionaries and the Fight for Legal AbortionMar 31, 1974

The Black Revolt in the United States

The Black Revolt and the End of the War Against Viet NamDec 31, 1990

The Black Movement in the Sixties: Victories and Lost OpportunitiesApr 30, 1987

A Revival of the Civil Rights Movement?Apr 30, 1987

The Black Revolt in the United States: A Hope for All HumanityDec 31, 1969

Class Struggle: America’s Union Heritage

1941: Victory at Ford’sJun 11, 1990

The Flint Sit Down: The Strike Which Broke the Bosses’ IntransigenceMay 31, 1986

The 1934 Minneapolis StrikeMay 31, 1984

The Unions: Creations of the Workers, Tools of the BourgeoisieJan 31, 1982

The CIO: From Militant Struggles to Class CollaborationMar 31, 1981

Fights against Concessions

A Working-Class Electoral Campaign in MichiganApr 15, 1989

Blue Cross (Detroit): A Somewhat Unusual StrikeFeb 1, 1988

The American Mineworker's StrikeJun 1, 1978

Two Workers’ Revolutions

50 Years after the Foundation of the Fourth International—What Perspectives for Interationalist Revolutionaries TodayDec 31, 1988

The Russian RevolutionDec 31, 1977

The Paris Commune, 1871Dec 31, 1977

Revolutionaries and Trade Union Activity

The Drive for the Labor Party: The Power Was There, The Perspective Was NotMar 31, 1985

Revolutionaries and Trade Union ActivityNov 30, 1973

The Socialist Workers’ Party, the Union Bureaucracy, and the Working ClassNov 30, 1972

The Labor Party Issue in the United StatesJul 30, 1972

Viet Nam War

The Anti-War Movement of the 60’sOct 1, 1982

Founding Statement

For a Trotskyist Organization in the Working ClassDec 31, 1971