The Spark

the Voice of
The Communist League of Revolutionary Workers–Internationalist

“The emancipation of the working class will only be achieved by the working class itself.”
— Karl Marx

Where We Stand

We want an end to capitalism

Humanity today is threatened by wars and nuclear destruction; economic crisis and pollution; starvation and crime—evils all caused by the drive of the capitalists to maximize their profits at the expense of the rest of society.

Capitalist society is a society divided into classes and nation states. These underlying divisions produce and perpetuate the violence of racism, chauvinism and the oppression of women.

We want revolution made by the working class

The working class has the capacity to replace capitalism with a free, humane and harmonious society: communist society. The workers do the work to make society run, they can use their power to run the whole society and begin the work of organizing socialist society. They are the only ones who can.

Today, the capitalist class maintains itself in power with its own state apparatus—police, army, courts and legislature. The workers will have to get rid of this state apparatus which defends capitalist exploitation. And they will have to set up their own power.

Capitalism is international. It has always acted to over-throw a working class revolution anywhere in the world. Socialism can be won only on the international level.

We want socialism, we want communism

The big parties which call themselves Socialist or Communist were created by and at one time got their strength from the working class. But they long ago turned their backs on the goal of revolution, going over to help the capitalists run their society. Bureaucrats in the ex-Soviet Union today openly say they want capitalism. These people discredit only themselves, not the ideas they abandoned many years ago.

The communist revolutionaries of 1917 fought to get rid of capitalism, so that humanity could go forward. Their fight—for communism and socialism—is still the fight of all those who want to create a future wherein the whole human race will flourish.

The militants who work on The Spark paper are communists, internationalists, revolutionary socialists—we proudly stand in the tradition of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky.