The Spark

the Voice of
The Communist League of Revolutionary Workers–Internationalist

“The emancipation of the working class will only be achieved by the working class itself.”
— Karl Marx

Working People Need a Party Based on Our Own Class

Oct 24, 2022

That party does not exist today. Instead there are two big parties, both serving the capitalist class and its chase after profit. But working people can build our own party, one that refuses to let the bosses set us against each other, a party that works to organize all our forces in a common fight for what we all need.

This year, in Chicago, Maryland and Michigan, there are parties on the ballot who stand for this. Each runs on a program based on the needs of the working class and its power to overcome capitalist society and its disasters.

By voting Working Class Party in Michigan, Maryland or Chicago, you can say you agree with this program.

A Working Class Program to Deal with the Capitalist Crisis

To catch up with what we’ve lost to inflation: Everyone’s wages must be increased—NOW. Minimum wage should be enough to support a family comfortably. There’s wealth enough in this society to pay everyone a decent wage, including youth just starting out.

To keep pace with inflation: When prices go up, wages should go up an equal amount—and IMMEDIATELY. Pensions and Social Security should also go up—IMMEDIATELY.

To get rid of all the unemployment, obvious and hidden: Share out the work among everyone who wants to work. We could all work fewer hours, and everyone could be paid a full, weekly check. The wealth our labor creates will more than pay for this.

To provide the services the population needs: Public money should be spent on systems serving everyone: schools, roads, bridges, public health and sanitation, water, sewers, transit, dams, parks, recreation centers, etc. The money is there, wasted today, propping up corporate profit, burned up in war. It must be taken back, made to benefit everyone.

To determine what kind of life we will have: We have to find the wealth the bosses steal from our labor. We have to put our hands on the public money that is wasted. We can do that. We are in every company, every public service, every school—in the very center of the economy. Not only do workers make the economy run. As a class, we can decide how it should be run. The working class will make it run for the common good.

Vote Working Class Party—Michigan, Maryland, Chicago