The Spark

the Voice of
The Communist League of Revolutionary Workers–Internationalist

“The emancipation of the working class will only be achieved by the working class itself.”
— Karl Marx

The Donald Trump Show

Jul 23, 2018

Every day, Trump hogs the spot light. He uses summits to attack U.S. allies, like Canada and NATO. He takes aim at women leaders, insulting British Prime Minister Theresa May and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He walks in front of the elderly Queen of England, almost tripping her up.

Then he rubs it in. He pretends to be best buddies with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

The news media goes crazy. “This is not a normal president,” they say. “We’ve never had a president like this before,” they add.

That’s music to Trump’s ears. Trump is playing a game to keep his base behind him. He doesn’t mind shocking the others to do that. It reinforces his play to look “tough.”

Trump poses as the champion of the blue collar worker. He blames imports for taking manufacturing jobs from workers here. He pretends to rip up trade agreements, such as NAFTA. He pretends to impose big tariffs on everything Chinese and drop the hammer on everything from Mexico.

A few tariffs go up. Everything else stays the same. It’s business as usual.

It’s another scam aimed at covering up the fact that jobs are being stolen by the bosses right here every single day. Throughout the economy, bosses force one worker to do the work of two or three. They push workers to literally work ourselves out of our own jobs.

By blaming imports, Trump makes it easier for bosses here to steal our jobs.

Trump says his motto is “America First.” He has made immigration a focus of his attacks. He says he wants to stop immigrants from coming in the country. Treating immigrants like criminals, separating children and infants from their parents, is supposed to discourage more immigrants from coming.

In fact, those attacks only make it easier for bosses to increase their profits by treating an entire part of the workforce like slaves.

Under the guise of “America First,” Trump is trying to pick off one part of the working class after another. He targets hundreds of thousands of federal workers. He says that in order to make the government more efficient, he has to take away most of their union rights. He tells local police chiefs to get tough on those they arrest, knock their heads. Thus, Trump publicly endorses police violence and the legal lynching of black men in order to impose the worst poverty and unemployment on black workers. He targets the health care of the poorest sections of the working class. He slashes housing aid for the poorest and sets his sights on food stamp recipients.

All this, in order to increase the exploitation of the working class, to take more wealth that we produce and hand it over to the capitalist class. That’s who Trump serves.

What to do? The Democrats say to vote Trump out, get the Republicans out. But the Democrats serve the capitalists, too. In fact, changing parties and politicians is fairly easy. The Democrats and Republicans have been trading offices every four or eight years for the last 150 years! That’s just a way to keep everything the same.

Trump needs to go, but what about everyone behind him? Workers can’t vote Wall Street out. We can’t vote out all those multi-billionaires, the big corporations and banks that are robbing working people of all the wealth we produce.

There is only one way to get rid of Trump and all those he and the Democrats serve. The workers have to do it through our own organization and struggle. And in the process, we can deal with all those behind Trump, all those capitalist parasites and slave drivers feeding off of our work.