The Spark

the Voice of
The Communist League of Revolutionary Workers–Internationalist

“The emancipation of the working class will only be achieved by the working class itself.”
— Karl Marx

We Need to See the Bigger Picture

Aug 20, 2012

We can make the changes we need when we bring our forces together, when we fight.

We’re not there yet, with people ready to make an all-out fight. And we don’t yet have that party, a working class party, a revolutionary working class party, but that party can be built.

We will need a certain numbers of workers to know what has to be done to get there–and who will stick with the workers who are ready to fight, worker activists ready to take each fight as far as it can go.

If we want to fix and change things, we need to use our forces and power for what we need. That means taking the power out of the bosses’ and politicians’ hands.

Both political parties today work for the capitalists. Some of them may even want to see changes, but they are hired and paid to do a job and they carry out the policy of the bosses.

Families and friends will have to stand together and prepare for the fight.

We need people who have learned from history, who will know how to direct the fight.

I was here in the 1960s during the rebellions. It was sort of crazy. But I know that the rebellions changed the balance of power for awhile. The bosses couldn’t even run their plants. After the rebellions they set up hiring stations on street corners in Detroit like 12th and the Boulevard and hired blacks into the plants in mass hirings. So it did change things when black workers used their forces in the rebellions in Detroit and other cities.

But it could have gone further if more had been prepared. We need to get a bigger picture.

We are the majority. How do they control us? They use us against us. We are the police, the national guard, the army; these are all workers. They are our families. If they are on our side, we can win. We make everything run and we can make it stop.

We can use our forces today to slow down the attacks on working people. But it will take a revolution to change society at its roots.

We need more of us to know that, more of us who know about the revolutionary fights of the past.

We need to prepare ourselves right now for the fights that are going to come. I truly believe our class can take the fight to a level the bosses can’t control.