The Spark

the Voice of
The Communist League of Revolutionary Workers–Internationalist

“The emancipation of the working class will only be achieved by the working class itself.”
— Karl Marx

The Population Is Being Assassinated

Jan 12, 2009

What’s happening in Gaza is outrageous, revolting. One of the most powerful, best equipped armies in the world sends in its assault tanks to terrorize an entire population of a million people crammed into a tiny territory.

The Israeli leaders are cynical hypocrites, daring to claim they aren’t aiming at the Palestinian people, but only at Hamas, the Islamist party controlling this territory. Gaza is one of the densest areas on the planet. So it’s a certainty that many of those bombed weren’t Hamas militants.

The week of bombing before the ground invasion killed more than 400 people, many of whom were civilians, women, men and children. How many others will die during the ground invasion, from bullets but also from lack of care? For the territory is currently closed off, so that the Israeli army can tranquilly carry out its crimes hidden from view.

The Israeli leaders pretend, “Hamas broke the truce by sending its rockets into southern Israel.” As if there were a common measure between some dozens of rockets, which mainly caused material damage and one death before the Israeli land offensive, and the massive bombing of an overcrowded territory!

There had been a signed truce that called for the end of military action, and the lifting of Israel’s complete blockade of Gaza. Israel never lifted the blockade. Gaza depends on imports from outside for all its provisioning–food, medicine, etc. Israel’s blockade was another way of decimating a people without bombs or bullets.

Nothing justifies the war of the Israeli state against the Palestinian people. It is an unjust war because it is designed to perpetuate the oppression of the Palestinian people, a political oppression as well as an economic and social oppression.

When Israel perpetuates this oppression, it hurts the Israeli people as well. A people who oppresses another people can’t be free. Prison guards certainly have a more desirable situation than the prisoners, but nevertheless they in part share the same life within four walls.