The Spark

the Voice of
The Communist League of Revolutionary Workers–Internationalist

“The emancipation of the working class will only be achieved by the working class itself.”
— Karl Marx

Soccer, capitalism and prostitution

Apr 10, 2006

The next World Cup will take place in Germany from June 9 to July 9.Thirty-six million soccer fans are expected to attend. There will be plenty of commerce for hotels, restaurants and ... prostitution. Germany and Holland are the two countries in the European Union where prostitution is legal, as is pimping under certain conditions. So long as taxes are paid, everything is legal.

Since pimps are, according to these laws, just like bosses, some of them have listed their job openings for prostitutes with government job services. There have been cases where women who applied for jobs tending bar at night were offered jobs in the sex industry! And if a woman refuses to take a job as a prostitute, will she be kicked off unemployment benefits?

The pimps certainly are worried they won’t have enough prostitutes in Berlin for the World Cup. They want 40,000 more brought in from Central and Eastern Europe. The appalling economic conditions there have forced some women into prostitution. In fact, Eastern Europe provides the greatest number of prostitutes for Germany. Pretending that prostitutes are wage workers like any others, the German and Dutch governments close their eyes to the massive trade in women who are fed to the whore houses.

A giant prostitution complex has been constructed next to the main Berlin stadium to accommodate this trade. It is equipped to handle 650 men at a time, while keeping their identities anonymous.

The lawyer defending this mega-bordello of 32,000 square feet declared that “soccer and sex go hand in hand.” None of the international soccer organizations nor the German authorities contradicted his view.

Across the globe, prostitution generates hundreds of billions of dollars in profits. Most of the time the sex trade is supposedly illegal. Countries legalize prostitution, claiming they are forcing out organized crime. But even when it is illegal, prostitution sends enormous rivers of profit into legal channels.

Capitalism, built on profits from slavery and child labor, extracting profits dripping with mud and blood, is perfectly happy to accept the trade in women as a respectable investment – as if it were the same as investing in soap products. And governments, which are perfectly willing to collect taxes from prostitution even when it’s illegal, act like the pimps.

Capitalism, based on the exploitation of almost everyone and on the sale of almost anything, has the same mentality as pimping.