The Spark

the Voice of
The Communist League of Revolutionary Workers–Internationalist

“The emancipation of the working class will only be achieved by the working class itself.”
— Karl Marx

A Slimy Attack on the Iraqi People

Mar 27, 2006

Speaking on March 18, Senator Dianne Feinstein gave the Democratic Party response to Bush’s speaking tour on Iraq.

What did this California liberal Democrat, who pretends to disagree with Bush over Iraq, have to say?

She dared to lecture the Iraqis that they “must take control of more of Iraq by the end of this year.” As if the Iraqis had willingly given up control of their country!

Feinstein said, “In no uncertain terms, the President must inform the Iraqi people that they must get their political house in order”–as if it’s the fault of the “Iraqi people” that their “political house” is in such a mess! She added, “They must get a government and key ministries up and running. They must quickly secure their streets by ramping up the deployment of an effective police force.” As if it were the Iraqis who had destroyed the government and left the infrastructure of the country in a shambles!

“And,” Feinstein added, “they must reconcile differences between the Sunnis and the Shia.” Completely glossing over the fact that, before the U.S. invasion, for all its problems and the oppression by Saddam Hussein, Iraq was practically a model of a secular society in a region ruled by reactionary fundamentalists. Sunnis and Shiites lived next door to each other and even inter-married. As if it were not the U.S. who plunged this Iraqi society into reactionary, religious sectarian violence?!

Feinstein dares lecture the Iraqi people about what they need to do to properly run their country, after she and a majority of Democrats supported a war that has destroyed their country?!

Disgusting hypocrite! She’s no different from Bush–attacking the Iraqi people while pretending to stand up for ending a war that she willingly sent their country into.

Listen to Feinstein’s conclusion: “Iraqis must know that we will exit on our own terms, not theirs.”

Big and bad Dianne wants to dictate terms to the Iraqi people now! She–and the whole American state–wants to show how tough they are–just when they’re desperate to get out of the mess that they’ve made.

The U.S. should get out of Iraq immediately–and don’t even talk about whose terms. Just get out.