The Spark

the Voice of
The Communist League of Revolutionary Workers–Internationalist

“The emancipation of the working class will only be achieved by the working class itself.”
— Karl Marx

Say No to Concessions and Layoffs

Sep 8, 2003

The governor’s office still demands concessions of $4,000 per person. If not a pay cut, then they want us to agree to the BLT (work for free) plan. If we don’t agree, Governor Granholm is threatening a LOT of layoffs.

In some departments, it appears managers were told to scare workers that if we don’t agree to concessions, there will be BIG layoffs. Managers were told if they don’t scare the workers, the layoffs will start with the managers.

We shouldn’t be willing to accept either one! We can’t afford to lose any more employees, and we can’t afford any concessions in our pay and benefits. The answer is NO! Period.

The state has plenty of money

The governor e-mailed a Labor Day message to state employees last week. It talked about the state budget problems and looking for ways to lessen the impact on state workers.

She’s not looking hard enough at the huge sums she’s spending on corporate welfare. A Detroit News article says the state has given away 1.38 billion dollars in tax money in just one program called MEGA (Michigan Economic Growth Authority), spread over 20 years.

IF the state is desperate for money, why give billions to rich corporations?

Who makes $42,000?

The Detroit News on 8/20/03 said the average state employee makes $42,000 a year. A lot of management salaries were averaged into that figure. Try $25,000-$35,000 for far too many of us.

How are our families to make ends meet if $4,000 gets taken away? The price of gas is up, electric is going up. The politicians don’t prevent companies from increasing prices.

Someone has to take a stand. It could be us, if we’re ready.

This is no compromise!

The Free Press, Oakland Press and Lansing State Journal on 9/12/03 said Mark Gaffney, who heads the Michigan AFL-CIO, wants to offer his services to Governor Granholm. He hopes to "mediate a compromise, which might include a mix of concessions and layoffs." This is NO COMPROMISE.

Mark Gaffney is talking about state workers giving up a lot and the governor giving up nothing. This is our contract, not his. Let the governor talk to us. We’ll tell her what for!

Reports from Michigan State Workers, Detroit, MI.