The Spark

the Voice of
The Communist League of Revolutionary Workers–Internationalist

“The emancipation of the working class will only be achieved by the working class itself.”
— Karl Marx

South African Bombings:
Murderers Living in the Past

Nov 11, 2002

A series of nine explosions in the huge black township of Soweto in South Africa left one person dead and at least one wounded. Guards on duty at a parking lot for minibuses in that township reported seeing white men place a package beneath a bus. It turned out to be another bomb.

The South African government arrested and brought to trial 18 whites it accuses of attempting to overthrow the government.

Thomas Vorster, the first man to go on trial, is an Afrikaner suspected of running a racist group known as Boer Force. He has said nothing so far. Other Afrikaners have not been so quiet. An Afrikaner, Fred Rundle, speaking as a white favoring "separation" of the races, said,"They’re freedom fighters....We want a territory for ourselves where we can rule ourselves. We don’t want to be ruled by people with a culture that is alien to us. Yet here we are, forced to live amongst them and work under them."How ironic to hear this racist speech of "freedom" and democratic liberties.

The Boers were white South Africans of Dutch ancestry who ran the country for many decades. As a tiny minority, they were unwilling to allow the slightest right, the smallest benefit to go to the black majority which had lived in the area for many centuries before the whites arrived. In their days of power, these "apartheid" rulers forced not only separation between whites and blacks but degradation and humiliation upon the black population of the area. Black South Africans lived almost as slaves, inhabiting enormous slums on the outskirts of towns because they were not allowed to live in towns except as servants of white families. Huge numbers of blacks were pushed out to remote rural "bantustans" where women could barely survive on barren farms while their husbands found work in the fields, factories or mines owned by whites.

This was the "culture" the Boer minority imposed on the black majority when the Boers held power. This was the Boers’ idea of "freedom." As for democracy–look what the Boers did when the black South Africans finally forced the old regime to grand the first elections since white people had arrived! They set off bombs throughout the country to prevent the elections. This is the past the Boers who today use terrorism against the population want to go back to.

Afrikaners like Rundle can call themselves "freedom fighters" all they want, but they were–and are–nothing but terrorists.