The Spark

the Voice of
The Communist League of Revolutionary Workers–Internationalist

“The emancipation of the working class will only be achieved by the working class itself.”
— Karl Marx

The U.S. Sends More Weapons to Ukraine to Keep the War Going

May 6, 2024

The latest shipment of U.S. weapons has been arriving in Ukraine. These rockets, missiles, and artillery shells are part of the 61 billion dollars in military aid recently passed by Congress and signed by Biden. More weapons will follow in the coming months.

The toll of death and destruction continues to increase. It is estimated that over a half million Ukrainian and Russian soldiers have been killed, maimed, and wounded in the war. Thousands of civilians in Ukraine and Russia have been killed. Much of the infrastructure in Ukraine has been damaged or destroyed. The war has been a human catastrophe for the peoples of both countries.

This war serves the interests of the U.S. ruling class and government. The U.S. is fighting a war against Russia, using Ukrainian lives as pawns. The U.S. blames the war on Putin. But the U.S.’s hands are not clean.

When Putin invaded Ukraine in 2022, he was reacting to threats from the U.S. and NATO, who had been putting more and more weapons and troops on Russia’s border. Even before Russia invaded Ukraine, the U.S. had been ramping up for a war by supplying and training Ukrainian troops. The U.S. has had a hostile policy toward Russia for over 100 years. The war is being used to weaken Russia, militarily and economically.

The war in Ukraine is part of a bigger network of wars being fomented around the world by U.S. imperialism, like the murderous wars in the Middle East region.

This is the future that the U.S. government is preparing for us. They are continually increasing their military budget for a reason. The U.S. government today is preparing for more wars, bigger wars that the U.S. would be directly engaged in to expand its economic domination into other regions. Wars in which the working people here would be the pawns and the victims, paying not just with our tax money but with our lives.