The Spark

the Voice of
The Communist League of Revolutionary Workers–Internationalist

“The emancipation of the working class will only be achieved by the working class itself.”
— Karl Marx

Workers Can Build Their Own Party

Mar 11, 2024

As of March 5, Super Tuesday, it is as good as official. Biden clinched the Democratic nomination, although it is yet to be made official. Trump did the same thing in the Republican Party, forcing Haley out of the race.

Biden used his State of the Union speech to launch his candidacy. His political supporters in the party and the press spent untold dollars and hours planning ways to get around Biden’s presumed weaknesses.

They told him to be forceful. Be a tiger! Come out yelling and in charge!

They told him to promise everything, blame the Republicans for failing to produce results and use carrot-and-stick tactics.

There is something for everybody in Biden’s speech. Problems with income? He has a fix for that. Problems with health care costs? He has a fix for that. Are price hikes eating you and your family up? He has a fix for that.

Promises, promises.

And then come the threats.

Threats about Russia to justify continuing to spend billions on war in Ukraine, where the vast majority of the aid goes to U.S. weapons manufacturers. Where two years of destruction have resulted in countless deaths, millions of homeless, and whole towns and cities of ruined buildings.

Then there is the war in Gaza. Not much was said by Biden, beyond pledging the weapons for the Israeli state’s continued bombardment of civilians, children and women, and the old in the majority. No food, no medicine, no hospitals, and no end in sight. Thirty thousand and more are already dead. They are airdropping small amounts of food while creating more victims with every passing day. How many more will die before the promised “floating pier” delivery can be completed?

Biden promises that no American will be sent to war. Where have we heard that before….

He promises better schools, better jobs, better medical care, lower prices here in the states….

What a joke! Billions for war, but only promises for workers!

Biden tells the truth when he says he is a capitalist and wants to make capitalists successful. He adds that he just wants them to be less greedy. He will make them pay taxes like workers do.

Give us a break! Capitalism is the system that is robbing workers across the globe, taking the lion’s share in profits and leaving the workers with barely enough to live on. Make the bosses pay taxes? Another joke. They run things and tell the president what to do! The bosses have the system totally behind them—politicians, police, and courts—to enforce their rules.

Biden says to be afraid; there are Russians and Iranians under every bed and, even worse, there is Trump, who is a crook and a liar, a bigot and misogynist to boot.

Yes, he is all those things. So, this gives us two unfit candidates. In fact, there are two candidates to aid and protect our enemy here at home. The capitalist class.

The only good news, as one pundit says, is that only one of them can win.

Neither of these candidates nor their parties represent the interests of the working class, not here, not abroad. They represent the small minority of super-rich families, who take our wealth through exploitation and who own everything.

For centuries, the two-party system has handed off the ball, each party to the other, every four years, like a spectator sport. Don’t like a Democrat? Vote Republican, they say; it’s the only choice. Each party does the same as the other: Trick and rob the majority for four years. Then switch.

It’s time to get rid of them. Workers need a party of their own, a party that is ready to take on the bosses and the politicians, not just at election time but every day. We need to push Democrats and Republicans out of the way. All they do is block and cover for the capitalists. We need a party for workers that will tear the mask off the system and organize workers to fight against the capitalists who dominate society.

This system will never work for the average worker because it enables a tiny minority to suck up all the wealth workers produce. It thrives on war and violence and leaves the workers in worse and worse conditions.

Let the politicians and their mouthpieces on TV babble on, but these parties have nothing for us. We need real leaders, real fighters, who are unafraid to organize, fight, and take down capitalism.