The Spark

the Voice of
The Communist League of Revolutionary Workers–Internationalist

“The emancipation of the working class will only be achieved by the working class itself.”
— Karl Marx

Biden–Trump Rematch:
The Election from Capitalist Hell

Jan 29, 2024

The line-up for the 2024 presidential election is almost set. Joe Biden is cruising to the Democratic nomination. Donald J. Trump is close to wrapping up the Republican nomination.

Most workers are already sick and tired of both of these guys, even before the general election has begun. With good reason.

Both Biden and Trump stand for disgusting policies.

Just look at Biden’s record. For over a year, he bragged about a supposed economic recovery. He called his policies, “Bidenomics”.

This sales pitch went over like a lead balloon. Billionaires and big business certainly made huge profits. But only because they robbed the working class, driving down our standard of living with huge price increases and job cuts. And Biden helped big business in a million ways. He imposed a rotten contract on railroad workers, getting Congress to pass a law making a railroad workers strike illegal, thus taking the bosses’ side against the workers, despite his false claims to being pro-union and pro-worker.

Biden has made a big deal about claiming to be the last line of defense of democracy against a Trump and Republican takeover. Vote for Biden to save democratic rights from Trump’s dead hand, says Biden.

What a liar! Biden doesn’t oppose Republican policies. Look at how quickly Biden adopted the Republicans’ full program of new and bigger attacks against migrants—that is, our fellow workers from other countries. Biden’s attacks against one set of workers quickly spreads to all workers. Just like the attacks by Trump and the Republicans.

Biden serves the U.S. super-power’s drive to dominate the global economy. He fuels bloody wars. He ramps up U.S. confrontations against Russia, China, and Iran, bringing much bigger wars in the service of U.S. imperialism ever closer. Young workers in this country will be sent to fight and die in these wars, while workers here at home sacrifice ever more—sacrifices that will be imposed by violence and repression.

No, Biden is an enemy of the working class. And so is Trump.

Just look at the racist filth that spills from Trump’s disgusting mouth. He promises jobs … by attacking migrants, black people, and women. All his talk about how well workers did when he was president is a complete lie. Only the billionaires and big business profited, as Trump delivered huge tax cuts, paid for by the hard-earned tax dollars of the working class. And don’t fall for Trump’s reactionary, isolationist garbage about keeping America from war overseas. When Trump was in office, the U.S. bombed Syria and Afghanistan, while Trump attacked Venezuela and ramped up a trade war with China. Trump is a corrupt, self-serving degenerate. He openly encourages and fans the flames of extreme-right violence against working people and all those who oppose him.

Of course, in the end, both these politicians are little more than puppets of big business, the banks, the oil companies, real estate developers, etc. Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, said it best in a recent interview on CNBC from Davos, Switzerland. “Whoever wins in the fall, I will be prepared for both. We will deal with both. My company will survive and thrive in both,” said Dimon.

Many voters say Biden and Trump are old. But it is the capitalist system, the rule of the tiny minority of billionaires, that is senile and rotten to the core. Capitalism should have been swept away a long time ago, replaced by a system under the collective control of the working population. But history shows that no ruling class departs willingly, no matter how destructive and reactionary its rule is. It has to be overthrown by revolution, a historic task that can only be accomplished by the organized working class.