The Spark

the Voice of
The Communist League of Revolutionary Workers–Internationalist

“The emancipation of the working class will only be achieved by the working class itself.”
— Karl Marx

Workers on Strike

Nov 13, 2023

Here are some strikes that are currently going on in the U.S. These strikes may remain isolated and separated today. But others could join them. New strikes arise almost every week.

Andover, Massachusetts, Teachers Strike

Eight hundred teachers of the public school system in Andover, Massachusetts went on strike November 10. Their needs are the same as everywhere in the public schools: A raise in pay to professional standards. Paid time for class preparation and record keeping. Longer lunch period and recesses for the younger students! And a voice for teacher professionals in curriculum decisions.

Nevada National Security Site

On November 6, 100 members of United Association Local 525 struck against the illegal anti-union behavior of MSTS, a government contractor at the Nevada National Security and Test Site near Mercury, Nevada.

The U.S. Energy Department website describes MSTS as a limited liability company made up of Honeywell International Inc., Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., and HII Nuclear, Inc. The strikers are plumbers, pipefitters, and techs who are underpaid compared to area standards and are retaliated against for union activity.

Electric Grid Workers in New Jersey

The electric linemen, dispatchers, and other workers of IBEW Local 210 went on strike against the electric utility company Atlantic City Electric and its parent conglomerate Exelon, after contract negotiations broke down in New Jersey. The company claims they can keep the lights on for 560,000 customers without the workers—proving once again that the bosses have no idea what it really takes!

Oregon: Yamhill County Employees Strike

AFSCME Local 1422’s 400 members provide county services such as the health department, public works, information services, planning, and mental health. The workers have been without a contract since June 30 and have gone through a long 30-day “cooling off” period and then a required mediation period. The county administration just stonewalls.

And Portland Teachers Strike Too

For the first time ever, the Portland Association of Teachers, 4000 strong, are on strike. “We are asking for more planning time. Mice-free and mold-free buildings. Reasonable temperatures in our classrooms,” said a striker. Class sizes are too big, wages are too small, special education needs resources.

Portland Public Schools say they have no money. Portland is home to five companies capitalized above a billion dollars, including Stancorp Financial at 2.5 billion and Precision Castparts at 16.1 billion.