The Spark

“The emancipation of the working class will only be achieved by the working class itself.” — Karl Marx

Will the Grand Prix Return to Detroit Streets?

Oct 11, 2021

Suddenly there’s talk about bringing the Detroit Grand Prix back to the streets of Detroit. They make it sound like they’re doing it because they’re looking out for the interests of residents of the city.

Remember why they took it off the city streets in the first place? It was because the city roads were in such poor condition, it was bad for the race cars and the safety of the drivers. So, what’s changed now? Are the streets of Detroit suddenly smooth sailing?

Clearly, they must be planning to fix the roads in the area where they plan to hold the race. What are the chances they’ll be fixing the roads in other parts of the city? Most Detroiters probably won’t be holding their breath on that one.