The Spark

the Voice of
The Communist League of Revolutionary Workers–Internationalist

“The emancipation of the working class will only be achieved by the working class itself.”
— Karl Marx

The Republicans and Democrats Attack the Unemployed

Aug 24, 2020

The Republicans and Democrats in Congress let funding for federal relief for the unemployed run out at the end of July. As a result, for the month of August, over 30 million jobless have had to depend on state unemployment benefits that nationwide average less than $300 per week—which is not enough to cover the rent in many cities, not to mention pay for food, utilities or anything else. Tens of millions of workers and their families now face homelessness and hunger.

Don’t believe the Democrats’ and Republicans’ blame game for not extending the little bit of federal relief and protections for the unemployed. The politicians of both parties claim that somehow they can’t work together. But they did work together closely... when it came to assuring the profits of big businesses.

In early March, the Democrats and Republicans pushed through new tax breaks for big businesses and the very rich that are worth 650 billion dollars in this year alone. The Democrats and Republicans also gave the Federal Reserve full authority to buy up trillions of dollars in private debt of both highly indebted big banks and big non-financial companies, thus putting trillions more dollars in the capitalists’ hands.

In reality, the Republicans and Democrats also did agree this time to let the federal relief benefits for the unemployed run out. Thus, the politicians help the bosses to try to force workers to accept much lower wages and worse working conditions.

The same thing is true for the moratorium on evictions, which the Republicans and Democrats also let run out at the end of July. In this way, the politicians also help deliver working class families on a silver platter to capitalists and bankers, who are lining up to take advantage of the growing wave of evictions and foreclosures by snapping up properties at fire sale prices and facilitating the gentrification of working class neighborhoods.

No, all the fighting between the Democrats and Republicans is really a disguise for the bipartisan support of the politicians to help the capitalists to attack the working class in order to increase corporate profits and wealth.