The Spark

the Voice of
The Communist League of Revolutionary Workers–Internationalist

“The emancipation of the working class will only be achieved by the working class itself.”
— Karl Marx

The Washington Never-Never Land

Apr 1, 2019

To say that the Mueller Report was highly anticipated is the understatement of the century—well, at least what feels like a century—26 months and counting. The Democrats, who said “wait for the Mueller Report” almost as many times as Trump said “No Collusion!” (is that possible?) awaited its delivery on bended knee - the press corps sang “hallelujah” in the background.

And then, and then ... it landed with a “tweet” and a “thud”, like a lead balloon giving off gas - or rather was whisked away to Never-Never Land by the White House’s apprentices to reappear in FOUR PAGES as “No Collusion!” Truly a miracle to behold! And Trump went merrily on his way to broadcast the great news throughout the Empire. The End.

Seriously, though. The four-page report given by Attorney General William Barr, Trump’s handpicked man for the job, is a microdot of what Trump wanted it to be. The real report of 300 plus pages is undisclosed while Barr promises its release by mid-April. Who knows how much of it we’ll ever actually see.

So what do we know? What everyone knew already. That Trump lied, stole, conned, cheated, stole, lied his way into office and every day since he has been there for his own aggrandizement and enrichment. We know that this circus that is day-to-day Washington Capitol Hill politics will go on and on. We are looking at 19 months more of what we have already endured.

Both Democrats and Republicans have reason to drag this process out until the 2020 elections. Trump’s future, for a whole host of reasons, hangs (or doesn’t) on being reelected. The Democrats can do little more than to mouth the “2020 return of the Democratic Presidency” mantra.

If the powers that be wanted Trump out, he’d be gone. If the working class and the general population want him out, it will take real organization and a real fight that would be wasted on a focus on this clown pretender, Trump.

If the capitalists and bankers can distract and entertain with Trump as villain, they can continue their business of the real theft of our lives and money–transferring even more wealth into their offshore accounts while we are following the jester.

We’d be wiser to save our energy for a fight to defend ourselves from their continuing attacks.