The Spark

the Voice of
The Communist League of Revolutionary Workers–Internationalist

“The emancipation of the working class will only be achieved by the working class itself.”
— Karl Marx

Sexual Assault Victims Roar!

Jan 22, 2018

Larry Nassar, a Michigan State University (MSU) Sports Medicine doctor, worked for decades with young female athletes, including USA Olympic gymnasts. He just pled guilty to seven counts of criminal sexual conduct against children.

The sentencing phase of his trial in Lansing, Michigan is being live-streamed. It has left viewers stunned. More than 100 women have signed up to give “victim impact statements.” Women have testified, one after the other, that this man is a monster, not a doctor.

One victim testified that her sexual abuse began at age 6, in the basement of Nassar’s home. Her parents were upstairs, because they were friends of Nassar. Years later, her father, wracked with guilt, committed suicide.

She said to the court, “I’m here ... to tell everyone. Little girls don’t stay little forever. They grow into strong women who return to destroy your world.”

The details of Nassar’s abuse of young girls was staggering. One mother testified about the sexual assault of her daughter by Nassar at age 12, stating “It all started with him.” Her daughter took her own life in 2009, at age 23.

Nassar’s serial sexual abuse went on for decades. Most victims were child athletes, seeking help for sports injuries. Nassar claimed what he was doing to little girls, without written, informed consent, without gloves for infection control, and without a parent PLUS a medical observer present–was a “medical procedure.” Bullshit!

But at MSU, where as many as 14 university employees received reports of problems with Nassar over the years, officials believed him.

Why did this happen? Because the reputation of the university was treated as the top priority. If young women’s safety had been the top priority, this man would have been investigated sooner. In this society, sexual abuse is explained away and normalized. Disgusting!

Giving the appearance of being tone deaf, the majority of the Board of Trustees just gave the President of MSU a vote of confidence!

Women, in their testimony, are calling for the resignation of MSU President Lou Anna Simon. She received a report on the abuse in 2014 and responded that the report never named the doctor.

Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Aly Raisman, said that she and the other women who were abused “are now a force.”

“Come hell or high water,” said Amy Labadie, a former gymnast and MSU team manager, “we will find a way to take down every last one of you that could have stopped this monster.”