The Spark

the Voice of
The Communist League of Revolutionary Workers–Internationalist

“The emancipation of the working class will only be achieved by the working class itself.”
— Karl Marx

Trump Forced to Settle with His Workers

Jan 23, 2017

Donald Trump is now in the White House.

For a year, Trump refused to recognize the decision of hundreds of workers at the Trump Hotel International of Las Vegas who voted to unionize at the end of 2015. Spurned by businessman Trump, they mobilized, organized demonstrations, and called for a boycott of Trump’s businesses. He ignored them.

But facing inauguration day, Trump invited representatives of the union to negotiate. In three days they signed a new contract giving workers annual raises, a pension, health insurance and other benefits–practically everything Trump had previously refused!

At the same time, Trump removed his objection to the right of his hotel workers in Washington to unionize.

A message to workers in all the rest of Trump’s properties–now is the time to organize!