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“The emancipation of the working class will only be achieved by the working class itself.” — Karl Marx

COVID-19 Articles

Below are some articles we've published concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trump Got Sick—the System Remains in Crisis October 12, 2020

Against Extreme-Right Violence, Working People Can Count Only on Themselves October 12, 2020

Schooling in COVID: A Capitalist Nightmare September 14, 2020

U.S. Medical-Industrial Complex Facing the Pandemic July 19, 2020

One Answer to 2 Crises: Virus & Joblessness August 2, 2020

Reopen Schools—Safely! July 27, 2020

Surge in COVID-19, Surge in Unemployment July 19, 2020

Children Need to Be in School AND Protected from the Virus July 13, 2020

From COVID-19 to the Crisis of 2020May 8, 2020

101 Years Ago, Influenza Born in U.S. Army Camps Devastates the WorldJune 1, 2020

No, This Cannot Be “Normal”!May 24, 2020

From the Bubonic Plague to SARS: A History of Past EpidemicsMay 2003

The “Right” to Die of the Virus Is NOT FreedomMay 18, 2020

Be a Warrior for Our ClassMay 10, 2020

Facing the Coronavirus: A Bankrupt Ruling ClassMay 4, 2020

We Are the Ones Who Can Protect Us—the Only Ones Who WillMay 4, 2020

Liberate Ourselves from the Capitalist VirusApr 20, 2020

Communist Militant Activity in the Time of the CoronavirusApr 9, 2020

Yes, Workers Are Essential We Have the Forces to Make Sure We Are Safe & Our Needs Met!Apr 5, 2020

The Cause of the Epidemic Is Not a MysteryApr 5, 2020

Working People: The Link to SocialismMar 30, 2020

Two Disasters One Cause: CapitalismMar 22, 2020

Corporate Profits: Deadlier Than the VirusMar 16, 2020

A Contagious Virus and a Virulent EconomyMar 7, 2020

The Coronavirus Threat Made Worse by CapitalismMar 2, 2020

Worried about Coronavirus Epidemic in China? There’s a Bigger Threat at Home!Feb 9, 2020